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About us

Welcome to BrehmMedicalService!

BrehmMedicalService – is skilled, highly responsible, reliable, conscientious, and above all driven by the desire to help people. Why not hand the worry of organising your treatment over to us?

In each and every case, we put together a flexible programme for your stay in Germany tailored to your own requirements and only in accordance with your wishes, carefully planning and organising each day for you.

We will always be by your side. You won’t feel lonely for a moment even though far from home. We will meet you at the
airport and surround you with care and attention whether in a clinic or at a hotel. At the end of your course of treatment we will make sure that you return home safe and sound and we’d be delighted to help you in the future, should you need it.

We are with you when you need help, we will help where others could not.